WordPress Web Hosting
Our WordPress-optimised web hosting is the perfect choice for WordPress-powered websites of all sizes. Our easy one-click install technology means your WordPress website can be up and running in minutes.

WordPress is the award winning Content Management System (CMS) powering millions of websites around the world. Thanks to its intuitive interface, extensive customisation possibilities, and huge library of themes, plug-ins, and widgets, WordPress is powerful, flexible, and easy to use.
WordPress has evolved into much more than just blogging software and is now a fully-fledged CMS, supported by a huge network of designers and developers creating new functionality for websites of all types. Whether you are looking to create a personal portfolio, business website, e-commerce website, affiliate review website, or even a forum, WordPress makes website management quick and easy.

WordPress Hosting Features
Our WordPress hosting is supported by these great features:
One-click install: Set up your WordPress website in minutes.
Affordable: Great WordPress hosting at a great low price.
Flexible: Our WordPress hosting gives your WordPress website room to grow.
Purpose-built UK Data Centre: Your WordPress website is secure in our state of the art UK data centre.

Our WordPress hosting comes with Jetpack automatically installed. Jetpack is a collection of WordPress extensions bundled together so you don’t have install each one individually.
The extensions are:
• After the Deadline: Spelling, grammar, and style-checking based on artificial intelligence.
• Gravatar Hovercards: Show your user’s Gravatar profile on your blog.
• LaTeX: Mark-up language support for equations and formulae.
• Sharedaddy: Make it easy for your readers to share your content.
• Shortlinks: Automatic URL shortening.
• Twitter Widget: Synchronises your tweets to your website.
• WordPress.com Stats: In-depth visitor and readership stats.
• Shortcodes: Add different types of media (including images and video) to your blog using short codes.

Buy WordPress Hosting
Give your WordPress website a home it deserves with our WordPress-optimised platform. If you already have a WordPress website and you are looking to join us, transferring your website is easy and only takes a few minutes to upload your files.