Web HostingWeb Hosting – What we’re responsible for…

Server hardware and software
We are responsible for the running of the hosting platform including all server hardware and software maintenance. This covers the replacement of faulty hardware and updating all server software updated.

Power and network availability
We are responsible for ensuring the availability of our network and ensuring all power requirements are met, including the provision of uninterruptible power supplies and DDoS prevention software.

Server security
We are responsible for securing our hosting platform and keeping it protected from internet-based threats. We keep all server software up to date with the latest patches ensure protection against the latest threats. We also use technology such as firewalls in our network to actively monitor our services against server intrusions and brute force or denial of service attacks.

Web server and mail server configuration
We are responsible for configuring the web server and mail server. We provide you with the facilities to add domains, manage your email addresses and host your websites.

So all you need to worry about is…

Managing your files and email accounts
You are responsible for managing your email and hosting accounts in the Control Panel. This includes managing your domains, web space and email accounts.

Maintaining third-party apps and plug-ins
You are responsible for the maintenance of any third-party apps or plug-ins that you have installed in your web space. We are unable to provide support for third-party software; it is installed at your own risk. We do offer WordPress Maintenance Packages if you feel you may not have time for this.

Backing up your data
You are responsible for backing up all website, stats, email and database data. Keeping regular backups of all your data is essential so it can be restored in the unlikely event that the worst happens.