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Are You Managing Multiple WordPress Websites?

ManageWP – Everything you’ll ever need for managing multiple WordPress websites. Manage multiple WordPress websites from one dashboard. Schedule backups, migrate WordPress website, automate updates monitor website traffic and SEO. Managing WordPress websites is a horrendous waste of time and energy, and it only gets worse as your business keeps scaling. We found ourselves facing Read More →

Image Optimisation

We’ve all done it! Uploaded an image to a web page and then realised later that the file size is massive. How long does it take for your web page to load when you have a few whopping great big images on there? I remember a client from the early days who had a 1 Read More →

Web Hosting Your Way

Web Hosting Web Hosting – What we’re responsible for… Server hardware and software We are responsible for the running of the hosting platform including all server hardware and software maintenance. This covers the replacement of faulty hardware and updating all server software updated. Power and network availability We are responsible for ensuring the availability of our network Read More →

Serious WordPress vulnerability, please update to 4.7.2 as soon as possible

A serious vulnerability in WordPress has been recently found that allows a web-site to be easily defaced. If you use WordPress please update to 4.7.2 as soon as possible. More information about the vulnerability can be found here: If you have any queries or are having problems updating your WordPress web-site, please contact Support. Read More →

New WordPress Website Design

Web design by Phil O'Neill Storm Doris is wreaking out there today! We’ve battened down the hatches and sorted out a new website promoting WordPress website design. Domainsrush can take away all the hassle of sorting out a domain name, web hosting, setting up mailboxes, databases and even your website. We can then manage your website after publishing if you Read More →

Fully Managed WordPress Website Maintenance

Can you honestly say that you keep your WordPress website plugins and WordPress version up to date as much as you should? Over the years I have come across many occasions where problems have arisen because of an out of date plugin or an out of date version of WordPress. Most hacked websites can be Read More →

Which WordPress Themes Do We Recommend

One of the hardest parts of building a WordPress website is choosing the right theme for your client. There are thousands of free themes available to install and active via your WordPress admin area. You can search these out at: You may find a suitable theme, or your client may have a suggestion? You Read More →

How Often Should You Do A Backup Of Your Website

Backups are one of the most important maintenance functions you can do on your website. Just as you would save a document on your computer for later use, you should do the same for your website and any databases, in-case something terrible happens such as the following.. If you update the core WordPress files or Read More →

How To Clean Up A WordPress Database

How To Clean Up A WordPress Database A small database will work faster than a large database – so it follows that cleaning up your WordPress database from time to time will keep your WordPress website running faster. Each time you edit a page or a post you are adding to your database with page revisions, over time these revisions can mount Read More →

Which WordPress Plugins Should You Install

There are thousands of free plugins available (48,629 plugins at the time of writing) that work to enhance your website and also streamline functions such as contact forms, booking forms, shopping carts, security plus just about anything you can think of 😉 You can view the full list at More are being added every Read More →
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