Here’s a scam email going around. It claims that it sent the email to me from my own account, although it appears to come from me, it doesn’t, this fake way to send emails is called SPOOFING and is a common spam tactic.

[UPDATE] It claims to know my email password but the password they mention is not from my email, It is from the website which has now been updated, the website had a data breach, the scammers probably did not have the skill to hack Stack Skills, but just bought a list of data from the dark web so they could try this blackmail scam and try to scare people by revealing a password, this scam is a form of “Social Engineering”. from and another from It also claims to have recorded me on webcam visiting an adult website, which again is a clever and common scam technique as many people do visit these sites and don’t protect their webcam…..

Unfortunately it seems this scam has already netted some victims, although all the claims in the scam email are false, some people apparently believed it as it appears their Bitcoin (BTC) account has received several of the ransom fees they nominated.