We can provide FREE Private or Custom Name Servers (nameservers) with your domain registrations.

This option is for customers that have their own servers or leased servers. We would need the IP address for each DNS Nameserver.
The domain for each nameserver must be held with Domainsrush and start with either “NS” or “DNS”. Only .com, .net or .org domains can be used. Once registered you may use the name server on subsequent domain registrations.

Creating (or registering) private nameservers can be applied by the domain registry where the domain name resides.
For example, to create ns1.yourdomain.com & ns2.yourdomain.com The domain yourdomain.com must be with Domainsrush. We recommend you set at least 2 Custom DNS nameservers.

Just enter your details and the custom or private DNS Nameservers and IP addresses and we’ll get them set up for you.
Please note: It can take 24-48 hours for the nameservers to become active.

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