We are moving a server that some may have an account hosted on to a new data centre, this is to bring it into the same building/network as all our other shared web-hosting servers which will help us with management and with future upgrades to our systems. Below are the details:

Server: Raptor (FTP5)
Date: 11/08/2017
Time: 22:00 BST
Duration: 4 hours
Impact: Web sites and E-mail offline.

Once the move is complete, the server IP address will change from ‘’ to ‘’.

Most users do not need to take any action as we will handle the change for you by updating the DNS records in our name servers to the new IP address. If you use third-party name servers that are not run by us or use a system like CloudFlare then you will need to update the DNS records with them to point to the new IP address.

We have scanned our account and it looks like some domains use third-party name servers:

You will need to update the DNS records that currently point to ‘’ to the new IP address ‘’ from 22:00 BST on 11/08/2017. The old IP address will continue to work until 14:00 BST on 28/08/2017 but we recommend changing the DNS records as soon as you can after 22:00 BST on 11/08/2017.
If you are unsure who controls any third-party name servers you use or you are unsure about which DNS records to change, please contact us for help to make the transfer as smooth as possible.

If you have any queries please let us know.