In our quest for a mobile friendly website we went for the JetPack WordPress plugin. The only issue we had with this plugin is that it would only show blog posts when our site was viewed on a mobile device. To prevent it showing “new” blog posts at the top, I had to make the one I wanted at the top a “Featured Post”. Not an ideal situation because I was not too pleased with posts being served by JetPack, as my mobile home page.

I thought why not do what Facebook, among many others do – and have a sub-domain for mobile viewers. I set about creating the new sub-domain ( and installing WordPress and creating a Parallax (single page) website with our core services, contact information and links to the desktop site and shop that JetPack is serving as mobile for mobile users.

I then installed the simple mobile redirect plugin. This plugin is already in the WordPress plugin directory so you can search for it when you “Add Plugin” and not have to download and upload.

I set it up to only redirect my home page (see the settings on the left). After a little research and I found that Google does suggest a 301 Redirect for mobile users as opposed to a 302. I have done Googles mobile friendly test and I’m happy to say that they will be indexing my alternative mobile friendly home page as opposed to the blog home page that JetPack served.