You may have noticed that on Google search results pages, that more and more of the top listings have a SSL – meaning their website address starts https://
Google now considers SSL – HTTPS to be a good ranking signal within Google search algorithms. Google has confessed that the HTTPS ranking will be strengthened in the near future and is lenient at the moment due to the grace time given in reference to the transformation from HTTP to HTTPS. Google calls for the change to improve online security.

So there you have it!

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What is SSL – HTTPS?

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, in short called the HTTPS is an advanced version of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). HTTPS is a protocol that is used to protect transactions that are dealt in eCommerce websites which includes shopping sites, banking sites, eCommerce checkout areas etc. The website bound with a HTTPS connection helps the user perform secure transactions, as the website encrypts the session with the SSL Certificate. When the website address starts with https:// then user can assume that the website is protected with the valid SSL certificate.

SSL Certificates are compact data files that bind digitally to the cryptographic key of the website domain. On installation of the SSL Certificate, a secure connection is processed and established between the browser and the server. This encryption hence forbids any creepy interference of hackers while the data is transferred securely.

How to transform your website from HTTP to HTTPS

As Google calls in for a transformation from HTTP to HTTPS, website administrators should be aware of how to get transformed from HTTP to HTTPS. If you are looking forward for a change, here are the following tips

1. Decide the type of SSL certificate that best suits your personal or business needs
2. Choose to implement 2048-bit key certificate
3. Do not block the HTTPS protected site from being crawled using robots.txt
4. Authorise the indexing of your web pages by the search engines wherever possible

With all this in place, Google is looking forward to notably increase the number of websites to get transformed from HTTP to HTTPS.

Google says JUMP we say how high?