Email is essential in this day and age and not only for business.Mailbox Features

We offer a host of features with all Domainsrush Mailboxes.

Mailbox Storage Mailbox Storage – All mailboxes have a generous 1000Mb storage each which can be upgraded if required.

Junk Email Filters Junk Email Filters – Junk email filters use special technology to strip out junk mail before you receive it. You can also set an email address to send the junk mail to, so that you can check this address to ensure only junk mail is being caught, or just select to route such messages to a “Spam” folder in your mailbox.

Catch All Email Forwarding Catch All Email Forwarding  – Catch all allows you to forward all email from your domain to any email address you choose, for example a Hotmail or Gmail address.

Unlimited POP3 Mailboxes Unlimited POP3/IMAP Mailboxes – Mailboxes allow you to send and receive your emails on your server/PC via your email software or using our web based Webmail.

Unlimited Multi Recipient Email Redirects Unlimited Multi Recipient Email Redirects – Redirects enable you to have email for one address sent to one or many email addresses on or off the server and are very useful if you have off server email accounts or need one address to send mail to many people.

Unlimited Auto-Responders Unlimited Auto-Responders – Auto-responders are emails which automatically reply when an email is sent to it and with a message of your choice.

Unlimited Mailing Lists Unlimited Mailing Lists – Mailing list are a way of sending an email out to multiple recipients by just sending a single e-mail to just one address. This can enable you to set up newsletters to keep people informed of what is happening with your website etc.

Webmail Web Based Email Web Based Email – Webmail is available for all mailboxes on our system, so wherever you are you can always check your email from any computer.

Your email is one of your business’s lifelines. Our goal is to keep it up and running, and protect you from crashes, spam email, and the bad guys who are trying to break in. Customer satisfaction is our bottom line.