Here we will answer some of the most popular questions regarding domain registrations & web hosting at Domainsrush.

I want to build a website, do I need web hosting?

You can build a website or blog on a multitude of platforms. You will need some server space to do this, whether it's provided free at Blogger or paid for from a web host.

Do I need a domain name to build a website?

You can build a website without your own domain. There are many platforms that will provide you with a sub-domain of their domain. You may find these types of platforms could have adverts inserted into your pages. If you have your own domain and your own web hosting account. You will have full control of what is shown on your web pages.

Where are Domainsrush servers located?

Our servers are located in the UK. We are resellers for 2 major web-hosting providers, who are always at the forefront of server technology and connectivity ensuring your website is always visible on the internet.

How long does it take for my web hosting account to be setup after registering a domain?

With a new domain name registration and web hosting account, you should be able to get your website up and running within a few hours. Under normal circumstances.