FREE Email Mailboxes With Domain Registration Or Domain Transfer

Mailbox Features Do you have a domain that you are only using for email? Are you paying extra on top of your domain registration for email mailboxes? Register a domain or transfer your domain/s to Domainsrush and you will get 10 Free mailboxes each with 1Gb storage. Domain registration or transfers start at £9.99 per year for Read More →

How To Create An Email Mailbox

Mailbox Features Creating mailboxes inside your Control Panel is nice and easy, and can be done in just 3 steps: 1) Login to your control panel 2) Click “MailBoxes” in the “E-Mail” section of the eXtend panel homepage. 3) Enter the name of your mailbox (The part before your, an appropriate password, and then click “Create”. Read More →

Web Hosting Your Way

Web Hosting Web Hosting – What we’re responsible for… Server hardware and software We are responsible for the running of the hosting platform including all server hardware and software maintenance. This covers the replacement of faulty hardware and updating all server software updated. Power and network availability We are responsible for ensuring the availability of our network Read More →

How To Host Your Website With Domainsrush

If you are unable to or do not want to transfer your domain name registration into Domainsrush, you can point your domain name to our nameservers for web hosting. If you want to purchase new hosting: Please sign up for a web hosting account at: Once your domain reference and hosting are set up, Read More →

Web Hosting Terminology

New to web hosting? Here are some of the most common terms used: Bandwidth A term used by web hosts to describe how much data can pass from the server your website is hosted on to people visiting your web site. This includes the files that make up your website as well as any data Read More →

Webmail Facility Features

We offer one of the most powerful and flexible Webmail systems available. Features include your own address book, calendar, search features, customisable interface, scheduling and file storage. You can use our easy to use Webmail facility from any Internet connection in the world. We offer a very generous 1000Mb per mailbox with all web hosting Read More →

How To Set Up A Mailbox Using POP/IMAP

Mailbox Features Our standard and premium mailboxes can be loaded onto your device or through your mail client either with a POP3 connection or an IMAP connection. Read More →

Why Domainsrush?

With Domainsrush there are no hidden costs for basic extras such as mailboxes and databases etc. Everything is included to enable yourself to get a website up and running TODAY! Sign up today and you will receive your web hosting account login. After a couple of hours your new domain will be active on our Read More →

Domainsrush Email Features

Mailbox Features Email is essential in this day and age and not only for business. We offer a host of features with all Domainsrush Mailboxes. Mailbox Storage – All mailboxes have a generous 1000Mb storage each which can be upgraded if required. Junk Email Filters – Junk email filters use special technology to strip out junk mail Read More →

PayPal Domain Registration With FREE Web Hosting

PayPal Web Hosting Todays post is related to yesterdays. Search engine optimisation on a few keywords/phrases, namely – PayPal Web Hosting and PayPal Domains. The following is the content from one of our HTML pages. It makes sense to get this new page indexed and then use a 301 redirect from the old page to this one. Who Read More →
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